Closed Friday, April 10 (Good Friday)

Please pick-up for Easter on Thursday, April 9, or Saturday, April 11.

Health & Safety

We're paying close attention to the recommendations of the medical community and want to be sure that we're doing all we can to keep our customers, staff and community safe during this tumultuous time of uncertainty. With this in mind, we're making some changes to do our part to ensure that everyone involved is as safe as possible.

New Hours (9-5)

We have reduced hours 9 to 5 Tuesday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.   

In-store Volume (Max. 4 customers)

In order to increase the space between customers and encourage social distancing during this pivotal time, we'll have a maximum of 4 customers in the bakery at once (one for every available till). We will have staff at the door monitoring the number of customers coming and going and will encourage waiting customers to line up with at least one metre between them.

Payment Methods

We want to encourage customers to pay by card rather than cash when visiting the bakery. Pin pads can be sanitized between customers and limiting cash payments reduce the number of touch interactions between our staff and our customers. 

No Reusable Containers

We're asking our customers not to bring any reusable bags, cups, or returned boxes into the store right now. Everyone will be provided a carry-out bag free of charge. 

Streamlined Product Line Up

We will be streamlining our product options this week and will not have the full selection we normally do in pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. 


Phone Pre-Orders

Call us to order with the option of pre-pay by credit card (780-489-7717).

Our knowledgeable staff will take your order and let you know when you will be able to pick up.

Email Pre-Orders

Email us at to place your order.

Please include your phone number in your email order so our staff can confirm your order with a callback to process payment and let you know when you can plan to pick up.

Email orders will not be processed without a confirmation call from our bakery.

All pre-orders will be for next day pick up (at the earliest) and must be sent to us by 4pm!

Vehicle Delivery…

If you've pre-ordered but don't want to come into the storefront due to illness or vulnerability, our staff will be happy to prepare your order and deliver it to your vehicle in the parking lot.

When you arrive, text your name and vehicle description to 780-850-8720. Our staff will get your order, run it out to you and put it in your back seat or trunk.


Bon Ton’s 40 hour fermentation sourdough loaves are made in the time-honoured tradition of using natural bacteria to create wild yeast which enhances the flavour and texture of long fermentation bread. Sourdough not only tastes delicious, it is also nutritious.

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Bon Ton Bakery Environmental

An Environmental Impact

On June 1st, 2018, join us in making an impact to our community and environment a positive one. We will no longer be offering plastic carry bags. Please bring in your own cloth bags and receive a $0.10 credit. In a pinch, we will have paper bags for $0.10 each.

We are Edmonton’s Authentic Artisanal Bakery

Did you wake up today wondering where you could get authentic Artisanal bread and baked goods? Yes, you could go to Europe. Or you can save that money and visit us at Bon Ton Bakery, Edmonton’s leading bakery with over 80 varieties of bread and baked goods. We’ve brought baking to a whole new level, past obsession and teetering on mania. We love baking that much.