We’re paying close attention to the recommendations of the medical community and want to be sure that we’re doing all we can to keep our customers, staff and community safe during this tumultuous time of uncertainty. With this in mind, we’re making some changes to do our part to ensure that everyone involved is as safe as possible.

New Hours (9-5)

We have reduced hours 9 to 5 Tuesday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.

In-store Volume (Max. 5 customers)

In order to increase the space between customers and encourage social distancing during this pivotal time, we’ll have a maximum of 5 customers in the bakery at once. We will have staff at the door monitoring the number of customers inside while waiting customers can line up on the south side of the bakery following the marked spots to ensure there is at least six feet between them.

Payment Methods

We want to encourage customers to pay by card rather than cash when visiting the bakery. Pin pads can be sanitized between customers and limiting cash payments reduce the number of touch interactions between our staff and our customers.

Reusable Bags

Customers are welcome to bring their own reusable bag to the shop but will be responsible to pack their own bag. Bon Ton staff will not handle or pack reusable bags to minimize points of contact. We recommend washing your reusable bags frequently.


Place your order online or call us to order with the option of pre-pay by credit card (780-489-7717). If you’re needing next day pick up, please have your order in by 3pm.

Curbside Delivery

Our staff will be happy to prepare your order and deliver it to your vehicle in the parking lot. Curbside service is only available for pre-paid orders.

When you arrive, text your name and vehicle description to 780-850-8720. Our staff will get your order, run it out to you, and put it in your back seat or trunk.