Pizza Swirls

Available: Every day! (Tuesday - Saturday)

Looking for savoury treats? This one takes the pie, pizza pie that is. Made with rustic french dough, rolled in sundried tomato pesto, white cheddar cheese and sprinkled with a dash of oregano. Enjoy the pizza swirl as a snack or as the highlight in your lunch bag.

Sixth item is free when you buy 1/2 dozen!


Dough – white flour, water, levain(organic white flour, water, yeast), salt, malt, yeast
Filling/Topping – Pesto -canola oil, sundried tomatoes, tomato powder, parmesan cheese, garlic, water, basil, concentrated lemon juice, spices
White Cheddar – milk, modified milk, salt, bacterial culture, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, color, cellulose
Oregano leaves