Hazelnut Mignon Cake

Available: Every day! (Tuesday - Saturday)

Elegant layers of hazelnut sponge, hazelnut buttercream, hazelnut ganache. A hazelnut lover’s dessert that can grace any dessert table.

Full cakes available in 7″ square every week. We also have an 11×15″ slab cake by special order.

Give us a call to place your order for this full-size cake (780-489-7717) or purchase an individual slice today.

We are happy to write a message on any of our cakes at no charge. We also have an assortment of cool multi-colour flame candles for a birthday party or other special event. You can order them on-line here or let us know which candles you would like when you call us with your cake order.


Sponge: Eggs, hazelnut flour, white sugar, white flour.
Filling: Chocolate ganache, unsalted butter, dark hazelnut paste. Decoration: Ground roasted hazelnuts, donut sugar.