Large Fresh Fruit Cheesecake

Available: Every day! (Tuesday - Saturday)


This light and fresh no-bake cheesecake, topped with glazed fresh fruit will be the stunning centerpiece of any backyard picnic!

Give us a call to place your order for this 7″ full-size cheesecake (780-489-7717) or purchase an individual-sized cake today.

Only available for pre-order until June 30!


Base: White Flour, Unsalted Butter, White Sugar, Whole Eggs, Almond Flour, Baking Powder.

Filling: Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Full Cream, Milk, White Sugar, Egg Yolk, Bovine Gelatin, Vanilla Extract

Topping: White Chocolate Ring, Fresh Raspberries Stuffed w/ House Made Raspberry Jam (Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) Raspberries, Raspberry Puree, White Sugar, Pectin), Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Blackberries, Fresh Kiwi, Cold Mirror Glaze.