Organic Wild Yeast Sourdough

Our sourdough starter allows the dough to ferment and produce natural, “wild yeast”. This process enhances the  flavour and provides great texture. Just like our other sourdough long fermentation bread this is a  40 hour process. Added sunflower seeds, flax seeds and a hint of thyme make this loaf a taste sensation. Try a slice with Gouda cheese or avocado……. yum!

Small loaf available Wednesdays and Saturdays and large round one only for pre-order on Saturdays.

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  • Ingredients:
    Organic rye sour (heritage stoneground rye flour, organic white flour, water), organic white flour, organic white sour (organic white flour, water), organic sunflower seeds, organic flax seeds, organic heritage stoneground flour, sea salt, dark malt (roasted wheat malt flour), thyme
  • Nutritional Facts
    Serving Size: 35 grams/1 slice

    Amount %Daily Value
    3 g 5 %
    0.3 g 2 %
    0 g
    0 mg
    150 mg 6 %
    10 g 3 %
    1 g 6 %
    0 g
    3 g
    2 % 6 %